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When you train with The Beauty Training Group, you are given an exclusive discount code to use at Freckle Lash, Brow and Beauty Supplies

This is just a little thank you to our students for staying loyal to the brand they trained with.

Your discount code will be given to you during your training course.

If you have booked a course and wish to purchase any other products beforehand, just let us know and we will give you the code before the course.

The Lash Adhesive Bible

Tania has worked incredibly hard on 'The Lash Adhesive Bible' and put together this fantastic guide, solely concentrating on our main tool - Lash Adhesive.

Sounds boring eh? Lets just take a minute to think about it...

For any Lash Technician, Lash Adhesive is an absolute necessity, if you want to offer Lash Extensions as a treatment.


Daily, I see lash techs complaining about their adhesive, slating brands, complaining about the change in weather and how its affecting the adhesive etc.

90% of the time, its not the product that is the problem, but its the lack of knowledge and understanding about Adhesive and how it works.

Once you understand how it works, you will learn how to adapt how to use it, and make it work for you!

Included in The Lash Adhesive Bible is also information about

  • How Adhesive works

  • How to adapt how you use it

  • Dipping methods

  • Reactions & Sensitivities 

  • Protecting yourself and your clients

  • Patch testing and consultations

  • and so much more!

When you purchase The Lash Adhesive Bible, you will also get a certificate of recognition. After all, you are increasing your knowledge, skills and education, so this is something that should be recognised.

To order your copy of The Lash Adhesive Bible, click here

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