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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I book a Beauty Training Course?

Get in touch with us direct, to discuss which course you are interested in, and to confirm there is a space available on the date you would like. Once a date is confirmed, you can then pay your booking fee to secure your booking.

A booking fee of £50 is required to book a space on a course. The balance is due 1 week before the course but we can offer flexible payments in between to help you spread the cost. The balance must always be paid 1 week prior to any course booking. 


Do you offer payment plans?

We offer payment plans, in terms of allowing the student to make flexible payments to help them pay more affordable installments. However all payments still need to be received at least 1 week prior to any course.

1. Paying your £50 booking fee will reserve you a space on any of our courses (subject to availability)

2. You can then pay as much or as little as you like, until the balance has been cleared. i.e £20 one week, £50 the following month etc. You can pay these installments via a direct Paypal payment to:, or by bank transfer.

3. The course must be paid in full no later than 2 weeks before the course (unless an agreement has been made with your Educator)

You can also choose the option to pay by Paypal at checkout and choose to spread the payments over 3 months. 


How much is a course?

All of our courses are tailor made, so prices may vary. We have made our courses as flexible and affordable as possible for students. We include a great sized kit with all of our courses (unless otherwise stated). This enables our students to be able to perform treatments immediately after training with us. This also reduces unnecessary stress and worry after the course, with regards to having to pay out for products* after the course

We only ever stock your kits with ESSENTIAL items! We will NEVER fill it with unnecessary or useless bits of kit you will never use.

*Please be aware that during the beginners waxing course, you may use a lot of your wax during the practical training on the day, which may mean you need to replenish this soon after the training course.


Can I get insurance after training with The Beauty Training Group?

All of our courses are full accredited by Associated Beauty Therapists (ABT). ABT will insure students for any courses they undertake with us. ABT are a UK based insurance company. Most other insurance companies will insure students that undertake on of our courses, however it is the students responsibility to ensure that the qualifications they obtain are recognised by their insurance company, before undertaking any course. You can purchase Student Insurance initially, which costs around £25. This will cover you during the training course and for your case study period. Once you are fully qualified, you can then upgrade to a full policy.


What do I need to bring on the day?

- Something comfortable. Avoid anything with baggy sleeves.

- Long hair should be tied back.

- On full day courses, there will be time to stop for lunch, so please bring something with you to eat and drink

- If you wear glasses, we recommend you bring them to your training course, even if you only wear them occasionally. 

- Any products that have been sent to you in advance, MUST be brought back on the training day. Otherwise your kit will be waiting for you at the training venue on the day.

- Please avoid drinks high in Caffeine such as Energy Drinks and Strong Coffee as this can make students "shaky" causing difficulty when it comes to the practical element of training.


How do I pay?

Payments can be made using card or Paypal by visiting our "payments" page. We can also provide students with our bank details if they prefer to do a bank transfer.

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