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OVATU Booking System Training and Set-up

If you are here, the chances are you are looking to set-up with OVATU Booking System. Firstly, I want to make it clear that I have zero official affiliation with OVATU, and do not gain commission or any type of benefit by recommending their system. I just truly love it and want to help others make use of a fantastic booking system to take their business to the next level! 


I'm a little old fashioned and for the last 10yrs have used a pencil and paper diary for my business. I was never ready to take the jump to a computerised booking system and always loved the idea of giving clients the personal touch.

I also never had the time to even consider a booking system as just dont have spare time to put aside and know how much time they take to set up. However, during Lockdown, I did have time, and took the plunge, telling myself that if we didnt get on with it at the salon, I would simply cancel it and go back to the paper diary.

And here I am... a over year later absolutely LOVING it!

It has saved me a huge amount of admin hours and even enabled me to work without the need for a Receptionist or admin assitant, so has also saved me a fair amount of money too.

Not only that, its brought me a huge number of new clients and made things so much simpler for my current clients, who I actually thought would winge about it as I know nobody likes change, but they have literally embranced it and are so pleased we made the change too!

Prior to coming in to the Beauty Industry, I was a Manager at a large Leisure Facility. I was responsible for the set-up and management of the booking system and so have very good knowledge of set-ups and experience with these types of systems.


There are many booking systems available on the market, so why choose OVATU?

  • Its simple to use for both staff and customers

  • Reporting is clear and can be as simple or detailed as you want

  • Its affordable and there are no hidden costs

  • You will NOT be bombarded by Sales Reps who are pushy and commission based

  • Their Customer Service is fantastic with REAL people replying, not some terrible automated robot that cant give you the correct answer or actually help

  • Online booking is an available option and can be linked directly to your website and/or social media to make booking quick and simple for customers

  • Customers can manage their bookings 24/7

  • You can request booking fees/deposits upon booking

  • Ask clients for reviews after their appointment and link them directly to your website

  • You can send consultation forms in advance at time of booking and review them prior to their appointment

  • You will find excellent ratings from real people, across the internet and social media platforms



Tania will set-up the system from scratch, to enable you to start taking bookings instantly. She will discuss exactly what you require beforehand to ensure that its completely bespoke to your business. It is important that you are happy that this is the correct system for you. If you have any questions about what the system can do, in terms of detailed and specific reporting etc, I recommend you contact Ovatu direct.

- Initial back office set up to get the system fully operational for face-to-face bookings within your business

- Set-up of your mini-site to allow for online booking

- Team Roster

- Creation of up to 2 Consultation Forms 

- Retail products ready for sale 

- Demo of basic use to the business owner 

- Review emails sent to customers (access to your website would be required, or you can ask your current tech team to enable this option for you)


- Additional forms can be created at a charge of £15 per form 

- In-depth Staff Training is also available if you feel it is required (althought the system is quite self explanatory once its set-up)



Single User - £249

Multi-users (2 or more users/staff) - £299


£50 per hour


Get in touch with Tania direct, who will arrange a phone call (or meeting if you're local) to discuss the initial requirements for your business.

Once you are happy to go ahead, Tania will send you some forms to complete, which will enable her to get cracking! We will discuss a timeframe to ensure you and your business are prepared for the launch, and give your clients something to get excited about!

Call: 07803310513


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