Behind the Mask

Behind the Mask has been carefully put together by the a fabulous lady (and friend) in our Industry called Julie Knight. Julie is a well respected individual and is working hard to encourage Beauty Therapists and Hairdressers in particular, to be aware of and understand more about Domestic Abuse.


The Beauty Training Group are proud Champions of 'Behind the Mask' Advocates.

Often, our clients instill trust in us as they see us on a regular basis and often feel very relaxed in our company. If we understand more about the signs of Domestic Abuse, we may be able to help someone in need.


This course is completely free of charge and you will gain a certificate once completed.


We recommend that you re-take the training at least every 2 years as it will be updated regularly.


It will take just 22 minutes of your life to complete, and could save someone elses!xx

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