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We hear from a lot of students that have had previous training elsewhere in various areas, that still lack confidence, knowledge and understanding of the treatment(s) they have trained in.

Some students have simply had to put their treatments on hold whilst 'life got in the way' or to have children etc.

There are many reasons that you may feel you will benefit from some further Mentoring or Support Training.


We are determined to continue to put excellent therapists in to the industry, and ensure we provide as much support as possible, even if they did not originally qualify with us.


Our Eyelash Extension support sessions are amongst the most popular, due to so many companies now offering this course. Many 'Educators' or 'Training Academies' have very little experience in the treatment themselves, or they are teaching their students very out-of-date techniques.

We can help you with lash correction work (as seen in the photo above), retention issues, understanding the basics of the treatment - basically ANYTHING you struggle with, we are confident we will give you the knowledge, understanding and support you have been looking for.

The Beauty Training Group dont only offer Mentoring in Eyelash Extensions though. We can provide Mentoring in ANY subject, so whether its Waxing, Lash Lifting, Brow Design or anything else, if you need a helping hand, just get in touch.


We will tailor these sessions to help you work on your weak areas, and give you the confidence you need to carry out treatments with ease. We will give you that boost to make you fall in love with the treatments you offer.



If you have taken part in a training course and hold a valid qualification, BUT...

- lack confidence

- feel like giving up

- don't fully understand the treatment and want to learn more

- have had no support from the training company or your Educator

- feel you aren't up to date with the latest techniques and knowledge

- have lost your 'mojo' and need a boost

- need a refresher after having some time out (due to having children, or other personal reasons)

- just want some 1-2-1 time with a passionate, friendly and knowledgeable Educator

- love our work and want to learn OUR skills and techniques


You may also be interested in our Lash and/or Nail Skill Building Workshops - visit our Skill Building pages for more details.


What are you waiting for? GET IN TOUCH!!


We have experienced Educators in many areas, and we are waiting to support you on your journey. 

If you have any questions regarding a Private Support session, just get in touch.

You can even bring a friend and take part in a 2-2-1 session if you dont want to come alone, but rest assured, we will make you feel welcomed and relaxed.



1-2-1 Support Sessions £60 per hour, per person. Minimum of 2 hours must be booked.


Terms & Conditions;

  • A minimum of 2 hours is required for any support session. Additional hours can of course be added

  • Students must hold a valid qualification in their chosen field to book a support session. A copy will be requested upon booking

  • Students must hold a valid insurance certificate

  • You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of your session

  • You will gain access to our Facebook Support Group for further ongoing support

  • You will receive 10% ongoing discount on a wide range of our products 

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