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Tania Withers is often approached by Business Owners asking for help, advice, guidance, tips, tricks and support to help them in various areas within their business. 


Tania is pleased to be able to offer support and mentoring to business owners in any sector, not just beauty! She has helped various business owners with advice, guidance and even website building, to help them in their own businesses.



Every business owner who wants to push their business forward!

  • Are you stuck in a rut?

  • Are you lacking confidence within a new or growing business?

  • Do you feel out of your depth and/or want to give up?

  • Do you feel the business is not performing as well as you expect it to be?

  • Have you lost your motivation and starting to question whether you want to continue?

  • Is business is starting to plateau, yet you are wanting to take it further?

  • Do you struggle with Marketing and want to understand more about a particular platform?

  • Perhaps you just want to brainstorm ideas with another like-minded business owner in confidence?

  • Maybe you need help with procedures, policies, staffing issues, or similar things and don't know where to start?

Regardless of how big or small your business may be, Tania is on hand to help you take your business forward! Initially, Tania will offer you a free consultation via the phone, to discuss your business, your needs and where you need help and direction. She will then follow up with a personalised plan, suited specifically for you and your business, before you decide whether you would like to continue or not. There is absolutely no obligation to purchase after your consultation. The ball is in your court.



Tania has always been a grafter! She has gone from starting a business with zero experience in the industry to running 2 successful Beauty Salons, a Training Academy and Products Supply Store, all of which boast a 5 star rating from customers and students.

At the age of 16, Tania chose to move out of home purely to  demonstrate her independence and determination. Between 17-19 yrs old, she worked 3 jobs, working around 60 hrs a week to continue to support herself.

At 19, Tania started working as a Leisure Receptionist, in a local Leisure Centre in Plymouth (Plymouth Pavilions). There were only casual positions available, so she would work a variety of hours each week, with no consistent contracted hours in place. To make up her hours and to keep a roof over her head, she would work in other departments in the Centre and would turn her hand to anything that brought in the money; whether that was Bar Work, Stewarding the shows or Cleaning.

Tania worked incredibly hard, showing determination, motivation and reliability and quickly gained a contracted position within Reception. 4 years later, Tania was made a Supervisor - this was a new position, but she made it clear why it was needed, and it worked! 18 months on, she was promoted to Leisure Reception Manager. Tania brought the team together with direction, motivation and support and managed a team of 8 directly below her, although managed a team of 40 staff if she were the Duty Manager for the Leisure Centre.

Tania undertook tasks such as writing Policies & Procedures, Marketing & Advertising, Staff Management, Conflict Management, writing Rotas & Contracts, HR Tasks, holding Staff Disciplinaries, Interviewing and more. She has a level 3 in Customer Services and this is something she is extremely passionate about. She has excellent knowledge and understanding of various business models due to the broad knowledge she has learnt over the years within various roles.

After 8.5 years Tania began to feel that she has achieved all she could at Plymouth Pavilions, and after having her daughter in 2010, she decided to take a huge career change and entered the Beauty Industry.

When she entered the Beauty Industry in 2011, she knew absolutely nothing about the industry. In fact, she is a tom-boy at heart and still to this day, doesn't have many beauty treatments done herself. But she has proven that you can become successful within this industry if you are willing to put in the hard work behind the scenes and never stop learning.

Tania has built many successful businesses in this industry due to taking the time to learn about everything that is needed from the ground up. She has had no financial help or support, ever! She has organically grown her businesses through sheer hard work, determination and passion. By experiencing every level in all of the jobs she has been in, she has a clear understanding of what each role and task required to grow a business. Tania can help you understand, learn and implement changes within your business to help it grow and begin to work for you.

You can see more about Tania and some of her Business Achievements here


As a business owner, it is easy to feel ashamed to ask for help. You get to a point where you feel if you ask for help, that you have to admit you're failing. You feel that you don't want others knowing your struggling as it looks like a weakness. Although that's absolutely not the case, Tania understands how that feels as is on hand to help and support you privately and confidentially.

Let Tania show you everything she knows, but adapt it to your own business. 

  • Wouldn't it be nice to get advice and guidance from someone who knows how difficult it is to be where you are?

  • Wouldn't it be nice to talk to someone who knows the graft that goes on behind closed doors and helps you manage that more efficiently?

  • Wouldn't it be nice to discuss your struggles without others knowing you're in need of help?

  • Wouldn't it be nice to have someone to make you accountable for implementing new changes and giving you a better work/life balance?

Wanting to build your business is far from weakness. Take that first step and call Tania for your free, no obligation consultation. It could be the best 15 minutes your business has ever seen!


One-off Business Mentoring Session with Tania

£80 per hour

This can be by video call or face to face (in Plymouth). 

Monthly Business Mentoring (minimum of 3 months sign-up)

£34.99 a month 

This will be a 30min video call each month plus Whatsapp contact throughout the month(s)

Sessions will be tailored to your business and can cover a variety of topics including;

  • Generic business needs

  • Social Media

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Next steps to take your business forward

  • Staffing issues

  • Motivation

  • Contracts

  • Booking Systems

  • Goals & Action plans

  • Policies and Procedures

  • Accounts and Bookkeeping 'guidance'

  • and so much more!

Tania is happy to travel for face-to-face consultations outside of Plymouth for an additional charge to cover time, fuel and travel expenses. 

Any business mentoring will be dealt with in the strictest confidence, so you can relax knowing that all conversations are completely confidential.

How to Book

To book a mentoring, please contact Tania direct via text or call.

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